Pick Up Orders


Placing Email Orders

Minimum order $ 25.00 

Send your grocery and supplement  order to orders@taranaturalfoods.com 

DO NOT include credit card information in any email to us, but be sure to send your phone number. Once you receive an email confirmation that your order has been received please call us with your credit card information.                                                  We cannot begin to process your order until we receive your credit card information.

 It will take between 1 to 2 business days for your order to be ready for pick up. You will be called when your order is ready.

Grocery and Supplement Order Form

Please note:

If you just ask for “rice” you will get any one of the 14 different types we have. This will be a learning curve for us all, but please try to be as specific as possible.

It is useful if you let us know if a product MUST be organic or gluten free (no substitutions) or just PREFERED organic or gluten free (can substitute non organic or item with gluten).

Bulk items (except spices) are now all prepackaged, so we will give you approximately the amount that you ask for.

We will do our best to let you know if items are out of stock, but it is not possible to always do this. If you ask for a particularly large amount, we may also need to send a lesser amount depending on the stock in the store and have you Special Order a larger amount.

Picking up Orders

When you get to the store you do not have to wait in line. Let the employee at the door know you are picking up a paid order and it will be brought out to you. As some orders are stored in 3 places (shelf, fridge and freezer) it may take a moment or two to bring the order out.

If you are parked outside the store we are happy to put the order into your trunk.

The only name we will have for the order is the name of the person who paid for it, so be sure to give that name when picking up an order.

Be sure to pick up on the day you said you would as we have very limited storage space.

We appreciate your flexibility and patience with us as we get these new procedures in order.